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Shadow Spinner (2 vol.)

by Susan Fletcher
Every night, Shahrazad tells a story. And every morning, the Sultan lets her live another day. After almost one thousand nights, Shahrazad is running out of tales. And that is how Marjan's story begins. 303 pages, Ages 8-12

Item Number: 1177
Category:Longer Fiction in Contracted Braille (in EBAE)

Price: $21.00
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Reviews for Shadow Spinner (2 vol.)
5Shadow Spinner starts 989 days after Shahrazad stopped the Sultan's murder of wife after wife by volunteering to marry him. Then telling him stories so gripping, with cliffhangers so huge, that each one buys her another day of life. At this point, Shahrazad has given the sultan three sons and is growing desperate - she's running out of tales to tell. Enter Marjan, who comes to the harem with her Aunt Chava, to sell things to the women. Marjan worships Shahrazad, and has collected tales all her life. She knows one that Shahrazad doesn't know, and gets caught up in the intrigue of the sultan's harem as well as Shahrazad's own story. Marjan is a likeable character, and her experiences are great adventure. Still, the true center of the tale is Shahrazad, and the unexpected strength of the book is its villains. The villains of this book are not all bad. Marjan, in time, comes to understand the reasons behind the actions of the sultan, his mother, and even her own mother, who hurt her badly years before. This is a fun story on the surface, with a lot of food for thought swimming just underneath. It's a good read.
5The story is full of lovely descriptions, vivid characters, and action interspersed with introspection--the perfect mix for a riveting book that's just about impossible to put down. The main character's tips for how to tell better stories that begin each chapter are also wisdom that any writer can draw on.

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